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Commonly-Asked Questions about Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville Joint Venture


Q: How are Baptist Health, Inc. and Deaconess Health System, Inc. working together in Madisonville?
Baptist Health and Deaconess formed a joint venture to operate Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville.  This includes the Madisonville hospital and affiliated physician offices and outpatient facilities.   
Outside of the Madisonville area, Baptist Health and Deaconess continue to operate as separate and independent health systems, with Baptist Healthcare System based in Louisville, Kentucky, and Deaconess Health System based in Evansville, Indiana. 
Q: Why did Baptist Health and Deaconess choose to work together in Madisonville?
Rural hospitals are essential to smaller communities. In this joint venture, Kentucky’s largest healthcare system and the tri-state region’s largest healthcare system bring the necessary capital and expertise to help enhance local healthcare for Madisonville, helping patients receive quality care in their local community. 

Q:  How will people in Madisonville and the surrounding area benefit as a result of the joint venture?
The joint venture will be governed by a local board, with a local focus, improving not only the health of individual patients, but also the well-being of the overall community, leading to more jobs and economic stability. Baptist Health and Deaconess are proactively working to improve access to specialty health services for our community, including surgery, cardiac and cancer care, helping more patients and their families stay closer to home.

Q: Will the joint venture mean improved facilities or services at the hospital in Madisonville?
Surgical suite enhancements, emergency room renovations and cancer care facility upgrades are on a list of about $50 million in planned investments; work has already begun in planning these facility improvements. 

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