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COVID-19 | Coronavirus

Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville Visitation Information

Given the reduction in the number of hospital inpatient Covid cases and the stabilization of positive Covid cases in the community, Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville will return to its former visitation guidelines effective March 14, 2023.  Please review the guidelines listed in the Patient Visitation Rights policy.  

Masking guidelines are subject to current CDC guidelines. 
Please refer to signage at your physician office or the hospital upon arrival for the most current masking requirements.  If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, we do request that you mask while inside any of our facilities.

Replacing Lost COVID-19 Vaccine Cards

If you've lost your COVID-19 vaccination card, you can retrieve proof of your immunization by contacting the Kentucky Immunization Registry. Call 502-564-0038 or email

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