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Chiefs of Teaching Service

Family Medicine
Bill Crump, MDDr. Bill Crump acts as the Teaching Chief of Family Medicine at the Trover Campus. Dr. Crump's training is discussed in the "Administrative Staff" section. He continues an active practice including Obstetrics, and teaches both students and residents on the Family Medicine and Obstetrics services. For almost 20 years he has facilitated groups and taught other faculty the iterative process of learning used in problem based learning exercises and while in Galveston trained and validated cases for the standardized patient program. Concerning his teaching role, Dr. Crump says: "We really get to know our students well, and it's fascinating to watch them develop into clinicians over a two-year period."

Internal Medicine
Dr. B.N. SreekumarDr. B.N. Sreekumar is the Teaching Chief of Internal Medicine at the Trover Campus. Dr. Sreekumar earned his M.D. degree from Madras Medical College in India and completed a residency program in Internal Medicine at Michael Reese Medical Center, University of Illinois, Chicago and a Cardiovascular Medicine fellowship at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Dr. Sree has been in practice since 1995, in Madisonville since 1997, and on the ULTC faculty since 2001. His busy cardiology rotation is a favorite of ULTC students. Dr. Sree says of his teaching at the Trover Campus: ""The Trover campus provides a unique opportunity for our motivated students to learn high quality medicine and insights into complex decision making in a friendly environment. Teaching stimulates me to keep up to date and sharing knowledge enhances the joy of clinical practice."

Dr. Nahgma MuftiDr. Nahgma Mufti is the Teaching Chief of Neurology at the Trover Campus. Dr. Mufti obtained her undergraduate and medical degrees from the Khyber Medical College in Peshawar, Pakistan and completed Residency Programs at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and North Shore University Hospital, New York, where she also completed a Neurology Fellowship. In regard to her teaching role, Dr. Mufti says "I really enjoy working with the students. When I work with them and teach them, it gives me the stimulus to learn new things."

Dr. Sarah FisherDr. Sarah Fisher is the Teaching Chief of OB/Gyn at the Trover Campus.  She earned her M.D. degree at the University of Louisville with the clinical years at the Trover Campus.  She completed her residency at Geisinger in Danville, PA.  Since graduating residency in 2019, she has been practicing in her hometown of Madisonville here at Baptist Health Madisonville.  With regards to teaching, Dr. Fisher says “Teaching medical students is one of the best parts of my job.  Students keep us energized and constantly moving forward to strive for better care that is evidence-based.  On the OB/Gyn rotation, student can expect to see a diversity of patients in clinic and be involved with surgeries and deliveries.”

Dr. Carey DoddsDr. Carey Dodds is the Teaching Chief of Pediatrics at Trover Campus. Dr. Dodds grew up in Madisonville, earned her MD degree from the University of Louisville and completed her residency there as well. She served as a hospitalist at Kosair Children's Hospital and Attending Physician at the Children and Youth Project in Louisville from 2000-2004. In 2004 she moved back to her hometown where she has been in private practice and a key part of the ULTC teaching team. Students regularly report that her teaching made a difference for them, both in learning and specialty choice. She took the Chief position in 2011. Describing her teaching activities, Dr. Dodds says "Working with the students keeps you at the top of your game. You must stay up to date on the latest recommendations and be able to provide explanations to the students about your medical decisions."

Dr. Shabeer AbubuckerDr. Shabeer Abubucker is the Teaching Chief of Psychiatry at the Trover Campus. He earned his M.D. degree from Medical College of Georgia and completed a residency program in Psychiatry at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Abubucker has been in practice since 2007, and in Madisonville and on the ULTC faculty since 2016. His busy Psychiatry rotation is a favorite of ULTC students. Dr. Abubucker says of his teaching at the Trover Campus: “People and their lives are fascinating.  The diversity of the human experience is humbling.  The Psych rotation gives students an opportunity to be introduced to the diversity of the human experience and to appreciate pain and suffering as well as compassion and healing.”

Dr. Mohan Raois the Teaching Chief of Surgery at Trover Campus. Dr. Rao earned his MD degree from the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1980 and completed his surgery internship and residency at the University of Louisville. He also completed a fellowship in burns and critical care at Cornell University in New York City. Dr. Rao has practiced in Madisonville since 1986 and has been actively involved in surgery education for more than 25 years. He has received numerous teaching awards from the students and residents at the University of Louisville and is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha society at both Ohio State and the University of Louisville. When discussing the Trover Campus, Dr. Rao says: "The educational program is a vitally important component of the surgical practice here in Madisonville. Our continued association with enthusiastic and motivated students from the University of Louisville is a privilege and a constant source of our own ongoing education."

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