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College Rural Scholar Program

The College Rural Scholar program started in 2002. This program is for students who are Kentucky residents and may be most likely to become rural physicians and return to similar communities. Priority is given to applicants with hometowns in rural western Kentucky, but other rural Kentucky residents are invited to apply. The students are nominated anytime after their first term in college, and those selected become Scholars the following summer. They receive an academic scholarship during college and participate in a three week summer session each year.

The summer program in Madisonville includes academic enrichment, shadowing physicians, assisting with school physicals and a series of activities in Rural Health Studies. These Scholars also receive mentoring from current M-3 and M-4 students in Madisonville.

The goal is to facilitate academic success for the pre-medical students and provide tangible evidence to a medical school admissions committee that these Scholars have invested time in understanding the practical details of rural practice. Some are nominated for an early admission assurance option to U of L Medical School. 34 former College Rural Scholars have graduated from medical school and 16 former CRS are in medical school.


  • Biochemistry
  • Physiology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics

Rural Studies Topics

  • Rural Health Issues in Kentucky
  • Community Health Development 
  • Rural Hospitals
  • Rural Physicians 
  • Rural Health Departments
  • Rural Interdisciplinary Teams 
  • Health Issues in Coal Minors

Please note: applicants for consideration must be selected and applications submitted to the U of L Trover Campus by a participating institution's premedical advisor.

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