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Prematriculation Program

The Summer Prematriculation Program is a three-week program designed to provide academic, clinical and community medicine exposure for Trover Rural Track students prior to the start of their first year of medical school at U of L. Students accepted into this program must show interest in learning more about rural health care and primary care practice and be admitted to the Trover Rural Track.

Prematriculation students spend about ten hours per week in classroom activities including medical case studies, research, and discussions about health care needs in rural communities. Students are assigned to physician preceptors for shadowing opportunities for approximately fifteen hours per week in various settings, including small rural clinics and hospitals. Students spend approximately fifteen hours per week assessing the health care needs of an assigned practice population through research and data collection. A recent focus on health literacy assessment and patient motivation to change health habits has been added (1).

This program provides clinical exposure as well as a framework for students to evaluate their future medical practice before beginning their M-1 academic year. Participating students gain the experience of beginning to think like practicing clinicians, as well as develop lasting relationships with some of their classmates before medical school begins.

Prematriculation/Preclinical Program Goals

  • To expose the student to clinical skills through observation and practice.
  • To become familiar with the types of clinical problems managed in primary care.
  • To become familiar with the process of rural practice and community health needs assessment.
  • To facilitate academic success and provide a social support network for the M-1 year.


  1. Crump WJ Jr, Carter P, Crump WJ III. Prematriculation medical students as agents of change: The CHANGE Assessment Project. Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians. Spring 2011;71:9-12.
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