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Transitioning from Hospital to Home

Tips for a Safe Return Home
At Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville, we seek to make your transition from our hospital to your home as smooth as possible. Consider these steps when returning home after your hospital visit:

Be informed regarding your medical condition. 
Ask your doctor and treatment team members about your health status when they are in the room with you. Don’t be afraid to ask about your diagnosis, procedure, or about the next steps in your treatment.

Get a clear picture of your financial situation. 
One potential source of anxiety for hospital patients is their cost of care – especially any portion not covered by health insurance. Get a clear picture of financial expectations by arranging to meet with someone from our social services department and/or in the hospital’s business office. If you are medically unable to do this, ask a trusted friend or relative.

Need help at home?
Arrange it beforehand. Depending on your condition, you may require help at home, including transportation, food deliveries, or home health services. Make arrangements before leaving the hospital by speaking with a case manager or social worker.

Learn your limits. 
Going home doesn’t necessarily mean going back to your old way of life. There may be limits on the kinds or intensity of activities that you can pursue (at least for a time). Ask the hospital staff for guidelines.

Find out about follow-up. 
Your hospital stay is often only one stage in a larger course of treatment. Find out about any required follow-up visits or procedures before you leave. Setting up future appointments can save you time down the road.

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