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Shelly Coffman Patient Resource Center

At the Merle M. Mahr Cancer Center, we know that the healing process is as much an emotional journey as a physical one. Our cancer care focuses on much more than the disease. We are here to provide comprehensive educational, emotional, and spiritual support through our counseling and educational services for patients.

The Shelly Coffman Patient Resource Center is a free resource available to cancer patients. In the library, patients have:

Access to the Internet - We have bookmarked Web sites related to cancer care and resources to help you research your disease and treatment.

Books and educational brochures - We have multiple copies of books and brochures. Sit and read them in the library or feel free to take them home with you and return them at your next appointment.

Wigs - We are pleased to provide easy-to-style, synthetic wigs for cancer patients free of charge. The wigs are supplied to the Merle M. Mahr Cancer Center from various donors. Students from the local beauty college volunteer their time to wash and style the wigs. Turbans also are available.

Bras and other prosthetics - Prostheses and accessories can be expensive. We have many of these items at our center for patients to borrow as needed.

Upcoming Events - Information on upcoming Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville and cancer-related events is posted here to help keep you up to date on local happenings.

The Shelly Coffman Patient Resource Center was made possible with donations made in memory of former patient Shelly Coffman. Mrs. Coffman passed away from lung cancer in 2008.

About Shelly Coffman
She was a school teacher in the Hopkins County School System, the Providence School System, and a sponsor/leader of Olympics of the Mind. Her students won state and national awards. She is survived by her husband of 43 years, Morris Coffman, and their faithful dog Gospel Jake. She enjoyed fun-loving folks, gospel singing, and traveled throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan.

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