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Supportive Care

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating for both the patient and his or her family. Family roles may suddenly change. Underlying problems may come to the forefront. Support groups can offer an outlet for these worries and can help aid in treatment.


Patient Navigation
A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, and for many, having comprehensive information and answers to a questions is the first step in moving beyond diagnosis to treatment. Often, just knowing what to expect during hospitalization and throughout home recovery can make the journey a little easier. The Patient Navigator coordinates care with a Patient Navigator Liaison to assist in getting care started quicker; and adds a personal touch to the process, helping guide patients on a one-on-one basis through the journey from diagnosis to treatment. The Patient Navigator is a specially trained nurse who helps coordinate various tests and appointments with physicians and serves as a resource for education and support throughout the diagnostic and treatment process.

Reach to Recovery
This is a one-on-one support program for breast cancer patients. Volunteers are at least one-year post treatment and are trained by the American Cancer Society. These volunteers provide support to breast cancer patients throughout treatment.

Look Good … Feel Better
This program is a community-based, free, national service that teaches female cancer patients beauty techniques to help restore their appearance and self-image during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Volunteer beauty professionals lead small groups, usually consisting of six to 10 women, through practical, hands-on experience. Women learn about makeup techniques, skincare, nail care, and options related to hair loss such as wigs, turbans, and scarves. Each group program participant receives a free kit of cosmetics for use during and after the workshop.

Cancer Support Group
A cancer support group is offered the first Wednesday of each month at 3 PM, at the First Christian Church in Madisonville.

Breast Cancer Support Group
A breast cancer support group was recently formed and meets at Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville Women's Care. Survivors and caregivers are welcome. For more information, please contact Stephanie Oakley at 270-339-1178.

The Merle M. Mahr Cancer Center offers use of wigs free of cost to patients. The wigs are supplied to the Merle M. Mahr Cancer Center from various donors and students at the Madisonville Beauty College volunteer time washing and styling the wigs.

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