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Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville Occupational Medicine can help you provide quality health care for your employees, with screenings, education programs and other services. If you are an employer, please explore this section for more information on our services, and to contact us.

If you are a patient, downloading and completing some forms ahead of time may expedite your visit to Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville Occupational Medicine. Use the information on this page to see what forms may apply to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Screenings:

  • Who is the donor? The person providing the specimen for drug testing.
  • What is the collection date? The date on which a donor provides a specimen for drug testing.
  • What is a “dilute specimen?” The concentration of a drug can be reduced if it is considered “dilute.” It can be dilute from consuming too many liquids prior to collection or by diluting the urine with water (or other liquid) by pouring it into the specimen. When a specimen is “dilute,” it is possible that the drugs in the system may not be detected.
  • What is the “specimen temperature?” Your body produces urine at a temperature of 90 to 100 degrees F. If the specimen is below or above this temperature, then it is possible the specimen has been “adulterated” or tainted.
  • What is a “cut-off level?” The cut-off level is the concentration of a substance in a drug test specimen above which the test is considered positive. The cut-off levels are used to assure that the substance found in the specimen was taken intentionally by the donor. How much of a drug the lab can detect depends on detection times, frequency of use, type of specimen, drug testing method, metabolism and other factors.
  • What is a “valid prescription?” This is a prescription for a medication written by a licensed medical provider and filled by a pharmacy in the donor’s name.
  • How accurate are the results? The results are 100 percent accurate. The laboratory is certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA).
  • Who is the collector? The collector is a trained and certified medical staff member of Baptist Health Deaconess Occupational Medicine.
  • Is it possible that I am positive for marijuana from inhaling secondary smoke? No. The laboratory cut-off level is set to take into account inhalation/ingestion.
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