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Baptist health Madisonville Suspends Visitation at Hospital, Medical offices Due to COVID-19 Surge

“Our community is again experiencing a significant surge in the Covid positivity rate,” stated Christy Littrell, chief nursing officer at Baptist Health Madisonville.  “This change, while difficult, is for the increased safety of our patients and to aid in protecting the health of our staff so they can continue to be healthy to provide care for those in need.”
“We must keep patient and staff safety our top priority,” added Littrell.
The main hospital entrance will be closed to all visitors and no floral deliveries can be accepted at this time.
Visitation will be stopped for all hospital inpatient units including the Critical Care Unit.  The Merle M. Mahr Cancer Center will only allow one essential caregiver if necessary and must be pre-approved by the unit director.
At the hospital, one essential caregiver is allowed for:
  • Patients under age 18 (one parent or guardian)
  • Women in labor (one birthing partner)
  • NICU (both parents)
  • End-of-life patients (one clergy member upon request)
  • Hospice or end-of-life patients (family visitation on case-by-case basis)
  • Dependent patients who require assistance (one caregiver)
  • Emergency Room patients (one support person if patient is non-Covid)
Those allowed to accompany a patient will be screened prior to visitation and must wear a mask at all times in the facilities.
For Baptist Health Medical Group offices and outpatient facilities, a single essential caregiver will be allowed for:
  • Child under age 18 (one parent)
  • Dependent adult who requires assistance (one caregiver)
  • OB/GYN office visits (one support person)
For the latest information on Baptist Health Madisonville policies and response to COVID-19, visit or follow Baptist Health Madisonville on social media.
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