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Coumadin Clinic

Coumadin® is a drug used to help prevent clots from forming in the blood vessels. Clots can block the blood supply to vital organs, like the brain or heart, and cause stroke, heart attack or other problems. By reducing the blood's ability to clot, the risk of these complications can also be reduced.

For patients who take Coumadin®, Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville offers a special clinic to help manage Coumadin® dosage and monitor the blood's clotting ability.

The initial visit to the clinic offers valuable education about the patient's diet while taking Coumadin® and safety tips while on the drug.

Follow-up visits may be once a month or more frequently, depending on the patient's condition, and may require only a blood test to ensure that the dosage is correct and that the blood is neither too 'thin' or too 'thick.'

Patients are referred to the Coumadin® Clinic by their physician. Physicians may refer patients to the clinic by calling the Jack L. Hamman Heart and Vascular Center at 270-326-3800.

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